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Mayor's Cup

GSC’s oldest racing event. Both Club and Off-Lake boats participate in this weekend-long regatta. We aim for 5 or more races over the weekend which starts on Friday night with races starting Saturday morning. We host an entertaining Saturday dinner and party and then wrap up the weekend of racing with Sunday lunch, awards presentation, Silent Auction, and lively raffle. This event is usually held in April or May of each year.

Gold Rush

GSC’s largest racing event. Over 30 on-the-lake and off-the-lake boats participate each year in this weekend-long regatta. We aim for at least 5 races over the weekend and a great party on Saturday, as well as a large silent auction, raffle, and lunch at the Awards party. This event is usually held in September of each year. Gold Rush Crew Finder Board 

Winter Regatta and Annual Toy Drive

This is a one-day regatta for Club held in December of each year and it usually is made up of on-the-lake boats that want to get out and race one more time before the end of the year. Registration is required along with a donation of new and unwrapped toys for the military families stationed at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

Silly String Junior Regatta

A weekend-long TSA Circuit Regatta for our Junior Racing team. The event is hosted and run by the GSC membership. The regatta is normally held in the Spring and can see up to 100 Optimists, 420s, and Lasers with kids from over 7 sailing and yacht clubs all over Texas. It is a great event to volunteer for and to get your junior sailors ready for each year! 


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