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Grapevine Sailing Club is a volunteer organization that relies on the services of its members to help coordinate and run events. Race Committee Duty is no exception.
All skippers registered for GSC series racing events will be expected to take 1-2 turns at running race committee along with their crew members. Duty assignments will be made annually and will be posted by the Race Captain. 
Skippers will be assigned to either act as the day's PRO (primary race officer) or to operate one of the Club's chase boats - Calypso or Mazu.

Members may trade or assign their Race Committee shifts or responsibilities but should plan on doing so with enough time to notify the Race Captain and Assistant Race Captain of your intent. Skippers should also ensure that the new parties have been approved to operate Calypso and/or Mazu, and have taken one of our annual How to Run Race Committee seminars. 

  • Notify the Race Captain or Asst. Race Captain of a change to the Roster.
  • How to get checked out to operate Calypso or MAZU for racing events.
  • Purchase your US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing [From US Sailing or Amazon]. Or download a copy.



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