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Catalina 22 Partnership?
Susan LeRoy
I am a new member.  I have an older (1976) Catalina 22 that I'm thinking about putting in a slip but I have limited time and money for my Dallas sailing adventures so I'm looking for a partnership.   Most of the time I will be sailing mid-week so the boat would be available to you most weekends.  I'm thinking 1/2 interest in the boat and 1/2 interest in a slip.  I'm more interested in offsetting the cost of the slip so I would be willing to forego payment for the boat in return for help with the slip. So basically, you could have the use of the boat for 1/2 the cost of a slip (approx $127/mth).
If you are at all interested in this concept my here is my contact info:
Dave Spellman