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RaceQ - Free GPS Track App
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we had gps tracking devices on every J80 in the 2013 J80 NA over at FWBC  nice to watch after the race.  Especially the floater that i took 8th or so with over 15 professional crewed boats out of 30 total.
There is a very cool free app called RaceQ that will track your course during racing.  The app is available from the play store and I tunes.  

It will  record all other boats in the area that have the RaceQ app on so when you play back your track you will also see the track of every other boat on the course.

The playback provides you with multiple view options, it will automatically insert your tacks and it will use its software to give you the wind direction, your heading, speed, VMG, etc.  There is a ton of information you can gain from the playback that will help you on the race course.

The link below is the tracking of Ta-Keel-La, Jet Stream and Smiles from the first frostbite.  Download the app and start using it this weekend.

January 14 Fleet 1 track

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