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Racing Rules of Saling
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Thank you Nathan.
The Racing Rules of Sailing

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) govern the sport on the water. They are revised and published every four years by the International Sailing Federation. The current edition is The Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016.The Racing Rules of Sailing is available for purchase through the ISAF Secretariat. You can also download the complete document and related publications .

Also available below are details of Racing Rule changes authorized by ISAF under Rule 86.2, National Prescriptions and ISAFs Policy on the Reproduction of The Racing Rules.

As a result of actions taken by the ISAF Racing Rules Committee and the ISAF Council during the ISAF Annual Conference, changes may be made to The Racing Rules of Sailing. These changes are published as Supplements to the RRS.

To support the 2013-2016 Rule Book a Study Version has been published which explains the changes and new rules. Use the menu above to download the Study Version.

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